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Kharadar General Hospital – FAQS 


How can I get information regarding doctor’s appointment?

You can get the information by calling our phone lines 0092-21-32510113 to 0092-21-325101136(4 Lines) our Trained staff will explain you everything you need to know regarding appointments.

What are the OPD timings?

You can visit OPD Schedule at our website and / or confirm by calling 0092-21-32510113 to 0092-21-325101136(4 Lines) and / Or visit OPD counter for details


What OPD’s do you conduct?

We have three major OPD’s for our indoor and outdoor patients:

  • Gynecology & Obstetric
  • Paediatric
  • Poly Clinic comprising a list of consultants (Medical & Surgical Disciplines)

You can check our website for details and/or by calling our phone lines 0092-21-32510113 to 0092-21-325101136(4 Lines)

What Financial assistance do you provide to patients?

We have welfare department and system maintained for poor and needy patients; Financial Assistance preferably from zakat and donations are available to those patients already admitted into hospital and if needed.

What should I bring to my first appointment?

If available the following shall be brought at the first appointment:

Medical records i.e. Any Medical Card having Medical Registration No., X-Rays, Ultra Sound, Blood tests, consultation reports and medication if already taking.

Immunization records: Vaccination record if available.

Referral letter: If a general practitioner or any doctor outside hospital has referred to Kharadar General Hospital.


How do I know about the different tests performed in the Laboratory and charges?

For information and queries you may contact our phone lines 0092-21-32510113 to 0092-21-325101136(4 Lines, Lab Extension 222). Our trained staff will explain you everything you need to know regarding Blood/Urine tests etc.

What precautions I need to take care of while coming for an Ultrasound?

It depends on type of Ultra Sound such as:

  • Whole Abdomen Patient needs to keep fasting at least 4 to 6 hours before ultra sound, water can be taken but no food no tea or juice etc.
  • KUB More intake of water needed, Bladder should be full

How do I know about the different tests performed in the Laboratory and charges?

For information and queries you may contact our phone lines 0092-21-32510113 to 0092-21-325101136(4 Lines) our Trained staff will explain you everything you need 

Does KGH provide rehabilitation services?

Yes, KGH offers rehabilitation services in following disciplines:

  • Pediatric Rehabilitation
  • Neurological Rehabilitation
  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy

You may contact our phone lines 0092-21-32510113 to 0092-21-325101136(4 Lines) for further queries and details.


What are the specialties of KGH and why do I use its health care?

Kharadar General Hospital is serving the humanity for 75 years and providing quality health facilities to the residents of Karachi. It believes to provide ethical and high quality medical and social services with dignity and respect at subsidized rates everyone can afford. Continuous improvement and expansion is going on to provide more better facilities to patients such as we recently have inaugurated our Executive Private wing for Gynecology and Obstetrics providing VIP environment and treatment. KGH has a dedicated and hardworking team of board members, Managing committee, Doctors, Paramedical staff and supporting staff members.

KGH is a 220 bedded, not for profit, tertiary care, teaching and training hospital equipped with modern technology; also ISO Certification 9001-2008 is one of our specialties to make us outstanding from our competitors. KGH provides 24 hours service Consultation treatment, Emergency, Pharmacy, Laboratory and Radiology services. KGH has become one of a busiest maternity unit of the city catering nearly 7000 deliveries per year. It is a baby friendly hospital having intensive care facilities for adults, children and new born with a state of art Operating Rooms complex. KGH is recognized by College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan (CPSP), Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) & PNC accreditation authorities for Postgraduate, House Job and Nursing training.


What should I do in case of an emergency?

In case of an emergency you can directly bring your Patient into emergency or call our phone lines 0092-21-32510113 to 0092-21-325101136(4 Lines) for Ambulance if needed. We have a 24 hour Emergency services available.


What is the admission process?

At Kharadar General Hospital, Patient can get admission by following ways:

  • OPD
  • Emergency
  • Out Clinic doctor’s referral letter (Patient will land in Emergency department)

Admission is depending upon Patient’s need and problem. Details can be obtained from the admission office by calling our phone lines 0092-21-32510113 to 0092-21-325101136(4 Lines).

How would I know about the availability of bed?

Your Emergency department, staff or admission officer will guide you through the process and the availability of the bed.


Do you supply health care services at home?

Unfortunately, we do not provide any home service regarding patient’s health care. You will need to bring patient at hospital.

What is a suitable time to get register for delivery?

We advise get register in 28th week but you can come into 30th to 36 week as well. If you are not registered and visit us in emergency in the last minutes/hours then we will mark you as un-booked patient and charge you accordingly.

What is a booked and un-booked Registration?

  • Booked: Patients Registered in Obstetrics/Gynecology OPD and having at least 2 to 3 visits
  • Un-Booked: Patients Unregistered in Obstetrics/Gynecology OPD and/or having less than 2 to 3 visits 


Is it allowed to stay with patient in the hospital?

It is depending on the situation i.e.

  • If your patient is admitted into ward, one person is allowed to stay with him/her (only female into female wards and only male into male wards).
  • If patient is into ICU no one is allowed to stay with him due to of critical care, patient needs which is available into ICU with our modern up to date equipment and expert and trained staff. Attendant can stay outside ICU waiting area.

Are visitors allowed while in the hospital?

Although, patients admitted into hospital needs rest however, they want to see their relatives and friends, so likewise all other hospitals we prioritize patient’s comfort and allow visitors to visit patient in daily visiting hours that are:

4:00 pm to 6:00 pm (Monday to Sunday)

8:00 pm to 9:00 pm (Monday to Sunday)

10 am to 11 am (Sunday and Holiday)


Is smoking allowed in the hospital?

Kharadar General Hospital do not allow smoking, anyone found smoking will be escorted by a security guard and can lose visiting privilege. Also, chewing of Paan, Gutka, betal nuts are prohibited into area for hygiene purpose.


Am I allowed to bring and use my own medication while admitted into hospital?

This is not allowed; our team of expert doctors will check and prescribe medicine. You cannot take any other medicine by yourself during your stay at hospital.


What items are allowed to bring and use into hospital Area?

If you are patient’s attendant and want to bring something suitable for his/her health or Fruits, Juices etc. but anything suspicious or items like Alcoholic beverages, weapons or illegal drugs are not permitted in any area of the hospital. Any visitor who brings these items to the hospital will be escorted out by a security guard and also hospital will be able to take any strict action against him.


My wife is used to of wearing gold jewelry, is it allowed during her stay in hospital?

It is advised do not bring jewelry or large sum of money into hospital. Kharadar General Hospital is not responsible for any theft or loss of valuables.



Do you offer food Facility at hospital?

We have a well-managed canteen which serves indoor patients breakfast free from hospital. While, lunch and dinner at minimal cost and are open to patients and families for 24 hours.


Do you have Car Parking available into Hospital?

Free parking is available in designated areas for doctors and staff only, unfortunately, we do not allow patients and attendants Vehicles inside hospital area, however, temporarily parking is available on road outside hospital.


How can I register complaints?

We have complaint boxes fixed at different places which only management can open and review. We appreciate patient’s feedback to improve hospital’s system. We also have available complaint forms at our front desks.


How can I apply for a job?

Kharadar General Hospital value qualified hardworking and sincere staff. We appreciate your interest in Job at KGH. You can sent your CV at and

What direction I should follow to reach the hospital?

We have a MAP available on our website, you can also call us on phone lines 0092-21-32510113 to 0092-21-325101136(4 Lines) to find the routes, our operator will guide you through the direction.


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